The Big Push for Darts in Canada!


News About The Big Push For Darts in Canada

Jeff Smith Steps Onto the World Stage

Jeff Smith, well-known East Coast Canadian dart player, joins 3-time world Champion John Part in representing Canada in the 2013 version of the PDC World Cup of Darts

Smith is the first sponsored player to make it to the world stage, having won the invite to co-represent Canada after winning his PDC Tour Card early in 2012.

Leading the Canadian team is John Part, 3-time World Champion.

Both players count Cosmo Darts, makers of the Fit Flight system, as their major sponsors. For more information on the Fit Flight system, contact this site: info AT playdarts DOT ca

If you would like to support Jeff Smith in his goal to continue playing on the World Stage, you can show support by purchasing one of his limited edition wrist-bands by following this link: Buy Jeff's Limited Edition Wristband

The 2013 World Cup of Darts begins on Friday, February 1, 2013. To stream live to your computer, visit the official rights holder