The Big Push for Darts in Canada!


News About The Big Push For Darts in Canada

Does Your League Have FREE Online Stats?

Our goal is get more people out playing darts, and to make it easier for players and the good volunteer folks who run leagues. Your League Stats is a World-Class Made in Canada web software system that lets you run leagues in minutes - GUARANTEED! is partnering with Your League Stats to make FREE basic online stats available to any dart league in Canada - For life!

Through our unique partnership with (a related Canadian company) your league can now have the Basic version of this World-Class software with no obligation and for FREE.

The Basic system does everything you need to run a league of any size including:

      • No web knowledge required - just an internet connection
      • Captains can enter match results directly after matches
      • No more faxing, calling in, or mailing in match results
      • Automated news management system to communicate with your members
      • Full website included - never pay for hosting or domains again
      • Increase your speed and efficiency in running your league
The Premium service (only $1 a player per season) does all our Basic service does, plus the following:

      • Lifetime Head-To-Head reports on every player selected player has ever played against
      • Detailed win/loss reports and success rates for doubles and triples pairings
      • Bulletin e-mail blast to league members or captains with important updates
      • And more...

Run a league in minutes. No web knowledge required - just an internet connection.

Truly a time and stress-saving innovation created from right here in Canada!

If you are a decision-maker for a league and want more information, click here now!

If you would like your league to consider using this service, why not send an e-mail to your league executive telling them to visit to learn more about this special offer