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The Big Push For Darts in Canada

 Back in the 1980s, when Tungsten darts were just starting to make their  way onto the oche, some pubs were so busy you would have to put your  name on the chalkboard at the bottom and wait until your turn came up.  Often there was an additional piece of paper the organizer was forced to  add names to... sometimes a dozen deep for a couple of boards.

 Since then I have seen a huge decline in darts in local pubs and bars. I  am told there are places in Canada where it still thrives, but I know from  talking to many people across the country, it is either in decline or holding  its own elsewhere.

 My fear is that if we don't promote the heck out of this game now and get  people out playing in Canada, we'll start to lose venues and stop  attracting new players - and then this game will be in real trouble.

 The goal of this site is simple: To provide a web hub for darts to get more  Canadians playing. This site is about taking ideas, turning them into  action, and growing this game we all love to play.

This is a grassroots site, devoted to renewing the love Canada has for darts.

Our first step was lunching our Facebook page: The Big Push For Darts in Canada. If you aren't already a member and you have a Facebook account, please click the link near the bottom of this page.

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