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Jeff Smith Steps Onto World Stage

One of the original sponsored players has now arrived on the world scene, representing Canada in the PDC World Cup of Darts, being held in Germany. Jeff Smith, former Canadian National Champion, and current PDC Tour Card Holder, joins with John Part to represent Canada.
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Buy Wristbands Today!

We're happy to announce: wristbands have arrived! We have the original Classic Red wristbands as well as a special limited stock Jeff Smith PDC 2013 wristband.

Buy them and proudly wear the symbol that you Support Darts in North America. Note: Payment is on a secure server. Buy Wristbands now

Join a Dart League In Canada

Since this is the home of the Big Push For Darts in Canada, how about a really Big Push to get players to join leagues? If you're a new player click below to take a survey to find a league to play in. It's a 2 minute survey meant to get the kind of info needed to find a suitable match for your playing style and league type. For example, we don't want to send beginners to a competitive league, unless they really want it. Al results are confidential and will no be shared without permission with prospective leagues. The survey is on a secure server. Take the survey to start

Canadians Claim the World Record!

Paul O'Shaugnessey and Lenny McNevin did Canada proud this past weekend as they claimed the Guinness World Record for longest darts marathon singles match.
We followed these 2 gents for the past couple of months and want to say a big Thanks to the boys for all the work you've done raising the profile of darts in this country in such a positive way.
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Want to Help Spread The Word?

You can request your own poster copy to print and hang in your local dart venue. Click below and ask for one. We'll send you one by e-mail as soon as we can. Click to Request Your Poster

Added to Site - August 16 - One Man's Dart Blog

Some of you have asked me to keep a blog of our efforts to Break Darts Big and the steps that we've taken, so I've added a blog to this site. I'll talk about the successes, the failures, the roadblocks, and even, others who are promoting this game we all love. I'll update when there's progress, and you'll have a chance to make comments as well and join the discussion. One Man's Dart Blog

The First Canadian Darts Forum - Darts Coast to Coast

Our message board is alive and ready to become the premier online hotspot for dart enthusiasts from Coast to Coast! We'll be adding topics regularly and if you don't see one that you think should be up there, let us know about it and we'll be happy to add it in.
Canada Darts Dart Forum

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Across the country, hundreds of ordinary Canadians are taking up the cause and promoting darts in Canada. There are some simple ways virtually every Canadian can help. Click here to go to our Support Us page where we'll show you some simple ways you can help promote darts in Canada too!  Click to see how you can help»»»

ANNOUNCEMENT: Free Website and Stats Offer For Any Canadian Dart League is making FREE websites and stats service available to any dart league in Canada! Through our unique partnership with (a related Canadian company) your league can now have this World-Class software FREE forever!
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Welcome to the Home of The Big Push For Darts in Canada

Check Back Often For Updates

August 16, 2010 - We've got some exciting programs we'll be rolling out to Canadian darters this fall to launch our program of building darts at the grassroots level. We're putting the final touches on some of them right now, and expect some great feedback once we unveil them.

As always, we'll be relying on dart players across the country to jump in and help out! This is a group effort, and we're all part of the solution.

If you want to help, look for the link at the top "Support Us". There are many ways to help.

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